Did you know…


That if you Google the phrase “Timer for X Minutes” that Google will automatically set an alarm for you to go off at whatever time you’ve specified?

Now that you know, go set a Google timer for 5 minutes and write as much as you can in that time, without editing or second guessing. Make it a point to do this whenever you find yourself aimlessly wandering the Internet and you’ll have plenty of material to work with in no time. 





Friendly reminder that during the Commandos Era of the war, Bucky always carried a piece of Steve with him-

… on the left.

what do you mean you’re sick of life ruining parallels alreadybecause I’ve got news for you: MARVEL DOESN’T CAREI’m going to bed before I legitimately cry myself to sleep over Bucky wearing Steve’s wingdings,

Would you like me to make it hurt even more? The left arm is the one Bucky lost and had replaced with a weapon of total destruction so you’re welcome